Noh Training Project

After an impressive amount of fine work in celebration of NTP’s 20th Anniversary, NTP will be on a one-year hiatus during the summer of 2015. Updates on future NTP dates will be posted here and on the BTE website. Thanks to the many people whose dedication and skill brought us to the achieve the 20 year milestone.

What is Noh?

One of the oldest continually performed theatre forms in the world, noh combines dance, chant, music, and mask in a powerful and stately performance experience requiring intense inner concentration and physical discipline. Actors, directors, dancers, musicians, and academics interested in a non-Western performance experience are encouraged to apply.

Noh Training Project

The Noh Training Project is a summer three-week intensive, performance-based training in the dance, chant, music and performance history of Japanese classical noh drama. The Noh Training Project offers the most intensive and extensive noh training available in the United States.

See photos of NTP’s performance of Atsumori in the Town Park and the 2012 Recital.

Read an interview with NTP Founder Richard Emmert at

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Publications available through the Noh Training Project:

The Gull, and English Noh play by Daphne Marlatt
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