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Richard EmmertRICHARD EMMERT – NTP Founder/Director and Head Instructor A certified Kita school noh instructor, Richard Emmert has studied, taught and performed noh in Japan since 1973. He is a professor at Musashino University in Tokyo where he teaches Asian Theatre and Music. Along with the Bloomsburg NTP, Emmert teaches an on-going semi-intensive Noh Training Project in Tokyo and is the Artistic Director and founder of Theatre Nohgaku which performs noh plays in English and includes many past participants of NTP.  Read an interview with NTP Founder Richard Emmert at the-noh.com.



Akira MatsuiAKIRA MATSUI  Akira Matsui is a master actor-teacher of the Kita School of Japanese classical Noh Theatre. He began studying Noh at the age of 7, and at the age of 12, he became a “live-in apprentice” to Kita Minoru, the 15th generation of Noh masters of the Kita School. Matsui has been active for over 30 years in disseminating Noh abroad, training students in Poland, India, Australia, Germany, England, Canada and the U.S. Matsui has also experimented in intercultural fusion with the Noho Theatre Group of Kyoto, with the English Noh plays of Richard Emmert, and with other bilingual productions in Europe and the U.S.with Theatre Nohgaku. He has been the Master Teacher at the Noh Training Project for over a decade. In 1998, he was designated an Important Intangible Cultural Asset by the Japanese Government.

KINUE OSHIMA is a master actor- teacher of the Kita School of Noh and the first female performer admitted into the Noh Performers Association. Performing on a noh stage for the first time at the age of two, she comes from a distinguished line of Kita Noh actors.  She is a graduate of the Japanese Traditional Arts Department of Tokyo National University of Arts. In December, 2009, Ms. Oshima was the featured performer in PAGODA, a noh play in English by British playwright Jannette Cheong which toured to London, Dublin, Oxford, and Paris. Her work in this project was the subject of an NHK documentary. Ms. Oshima has served as Master Teacher for the Noh Training Project in 2006, 2009 , 2010 and 2011. She directed the female shite performers and acted as the womens’ jigashira for NTP’s 15th Anniversary Celebration production of Funabenkei and the 2012 performance of Atsumori. In 2009 she received great acclaim for her performance of the shite role in the world premiere tour of Jannette Cheong’s English Noh play, Pagoda, a collaboration between the Oshima Family Noh Theatre and Theatre Nohgaku.  In 2011, she repeated her role in Pagoda on its tour of Japan and China.




Elizabeth DowdELIZABETH DOWD -Producing Director Elizabeth began her study of Noh with Richard Emmert in Tokyo in 1992 through a six month Japan-United States Friendship Commission grant. In 1995, she partnered with Emmert to co-found the US-based Noh Training Project at the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. She has also studied Noh with Sadamu Omura, Akira Matsui, Mitsuo Kama, and Kinue Oshima. Elizabeth is also a founding member of Theatre Nohgaku touring with them in At The Hawk’s WellPine BarrensPagoda (Europe and Asian tours) and appearing in the 2010 production of Crazy Jane at BTE. Elizabeth is a 35-year member of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble and teaches introductory Noh workshops at universities.

James FernerJAMES FERNER -Drumming Instructor Originally from New Jersey, James has been studying the Noh dance and chant with Sadamu Omura in Japan for nearly 15 years. He also studied the Kotsuzumi and Otsuzmi with Mitsuo Kama for 10 years and is presently studying the Kotsuzumi with Mitsuhiko Sumikoma and the Taiko with Hitoshi Sakurai. James has been assisting in the music teaching at the summer workshops held by the Noh Training Project in Bloomsburg Pa for a number of years. He is also a founding member of Theatre Nohgaku and has participated in numerous performances tours and residences in the US and recently has been a part of their tour of the play, Pagoda in Europe and Asia. He has also assisted at a number of TN’s writers workshops held in Tokyo.

JubilithJUBILITH MOORE – First-Year Participants Instructor A graduate of Bard College, Jubilith is the Artistic Director of Theatre of Yugen and has been with the company, and a student of Yuriko Doi, since 1993. She has also studied Noh with Richard Emmert and Akira Matsui (Kita school). While under a Japan Foundation Fellowship in Tokyo, she continued training with Richard Emmert and had the honor of studying with Kanze School Noh master Shiro Nomura, Kyogen master Yukio Ishida (Izumi school) and Kotsuzumi Noh drum with Mitsuo Kama (Ko school.) Jubilith is also proud to list among her teachers, the sole female shite-kata of the Kita school, Kinue Oshima. She has taught Theatre of Yugen’s Winter Training Session since 2003 in addition to other seasonal trainings. She has assisted Richard Emmert in his American based Noh Training Project on numerous occasions. She was a guest lecturer at San Francisco State University and led the class an Introduction to Nohgaku.  Jubilith is an Artist in Residence at San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School. Noh performances  at NTP include the nochi-shite in the 2009 performance of Funabenkei, the waki role in the 2012 performance of Atsumori. With Theatre Nohgaku, Jubilithhas toured in At the Hawk’s Well, Crazy Jane, Pine Barrens, and Pagoda.

See photos of NTP’s performance of Atsumori in the Town Park and the 2012 Recital.